Office Design

Often, companies overlook what makes the office come together when acquiring a new building or moving into an existing space. And there is a lot that goes into selecting the imagery that will work best within your company’s culture.

To really elevate and uplift the energy in a space, the artwork is an important element that can affect productivity and morale. Being on the positive side of this equation is key.

Cass can help an interior designer by viewing floorplans and marking off how many and which locations will require artwork. Some areas will require a tryptic set of art, a large wall graphic, or art panels to really enhance a space.

Then there is the organizing and selecting of images to present, and Cass can assist with this whole process. Don’t forget you have options based on the material you want the art printed on, the color of the frame, border options, and more.

Let Cass become an extension of your design team and make the art selection one less sub-project that you have to handle and manage. Cut the guesswork out and let Cass provide the documents so that artwork selection is a breeze for the team.

Graphic design services created images of a large sunflower wall graphic and canvas artwork of a raccoon.
Three framed canvas art hanging in a healthcare hallwayy.

Cass will provide collections like the examples below when providing styles and options for your project.

Group of floral images for corporate office rooms.
Group of sunsets images for corporate offices.
Group of nature-inspired images for corporate office rooms.

Selecting artwork can be a project in itself. Cass will go through the floor plan and mark off locations of the proposed art to help with the visualization and organization process.

Floor plan with locations for corporate wall art and imagery.