3D Interpretive Design encompasses history timelines, donor recognition, feature, and tribute walls. They include 3D elements that add depth and interest to the design. They can even be interactive, but they serve as a focal point to draw the viewer into the experience. We’ll break down the most popular types below…

History walls are a great way to show the highlights and timeline of your company’s evolution. Help keep the milestones alive and prominent within your company’s culture.

Tribute or feature walls honor someone in the military, a historical figure, a humanitarian, or a social activist. These walls are the ultimate way to pay homage by remembering these remarkable figures.

Donor recognition walls are a great way to raise money for your organization while recognizing the generosity of philanthropists. Gone are the days of costly brick or plaques in the traditional walls; combine a digital aspect within a donor recognition wall to reduce costs and stay evergreen.

This is Cass’ favorite type of project to work on. Multiple concepts will be provided to determine the client’s wants and needs. You’ll receive a basic render like the one below, and once a direction is decided on, the content and imagery are narrowed down and decided on to a more finalized presentation.

Graphic design services created an Avow history timeline wall in Naples, FL.
Delray Medical Center Historical Highlights wall with paneled graphics on the wall.

Loose conceptual renders and elevation drawings will provide accurate to-scale visualizations for the project.

Donor recognition wall concept. Text on the concept says "Thank You Donors" and "Gratitude."
Digital concept render of Tidewell hospice history timeline wall.