Hospitality Design

In today’s changing world, society seeks the “experience” when deciding whether to repeat a visit or service. In the hospitality industry, the top sectors are “Food and Beverage,” “Accommodation,” “Travel and Tourism,” and Entertainment and Recreation.”

If you want to enhance your space, then you need to make sure you have informative and aesthetically pleasing designs so that the visitor experience is maximized to its fullest potential.

Maybe you have a great space, but your signage is outdated, or you have spent a great deal on your products within your establishment, but your environment doesn’t convey the same message to match your services.

This is where great design is important. All the elements must collaborate in unison to elevate the experience and optimize the return visit. Think about it; everything is connected. If someone has a great experience, not only will they return to use the product or service, but chances are, they will be the best form of marketing as word of mouth or positive reviews. Not to mention every environment seems to be an opportunity for a selfie and social media moment – so make sure your space is working to drive the most business your way.

Cass has selected or created, organized, ordered, and delivered artwork for many of these industries – becoming a valuable asset in assisting interior designers in bringing their whole design together.

Hanging wall art above a table of a pier in the ocean.
A hotel room with collage artwork of southwest-inspired landscapes.
Group of floral images for corporate office rooms.
Group of sunsets images for corporate offices.
Group of nature-inspired images for corporate office rooms.