Healthcare Design

Studies have shown the link between the amount of time a patient takes to heal based on their environment. Art really can HEAL. 

Research has shown that patients exposed to nature or images of nature had reduced stress, required less pain medication, and healed significantly faster than those in a stark clinical room setting.

Patient care now includes environments that embrace color, subject, and texture. Incorporating art into the healthcare experience has many beneficial and significant results. The space impacts their mental and emotional recovery.

One of the most popular ways you are seeing this spread throughout the healthcare industry is apparent in children’s hospitals. The psychology of color and the design intent of architects and interior designers is more significant than ever.

If you are an architectural firm and need custom signage or wall graphics, you’ve come to the right place. Cass can provide concepts to accent your existing design and bring the whole vision together.

Often, these graphics are integrated as an afterthought but could be most beneficial in aiding the full picture before the client accepts a scope of work.

Patient's room with translucent circles on the door and a floor graphic with blue, yellow, and green colors.
Patient's room with blue, yellow, and green shapes and a hospital bed.
Floor plan with superimposed wall graphics of children playing guitar and listening to headphones