Healthcare Design

Studies have demonstrated a clear link between a patient’s healing time and their environment. Art truly has the power to HEAL.

Research indicates that patients exposed to nature or images of nature experience reduced stress, require less pain medication, and heal significantly faster compared to those in sterile, clinical settings.

Modern patient care now emphasizes environments that incorporate color, subject, and texture. Integrating art into healthcare spaces yields numerous beneficial and significant results, impacting patients’ mental and emotional recovery.

This approach is especially prevalent in children’s hospitals, where the psychology of color and the design intent of architects and interior designers play a crucial role.

If you are an architectural firm in need of custom signage or wall graphics, you’ve come to the right place. Cass can provide concepts to enhance your existing design and bring your entire vision to life.

Often, these graphics are considered as an afterthought, but incorporating them early in the design process can be most beneficial in presenting a comprehensive scope of work to clients.

Patient's room with translucent circles on the door and a floor graphic with blue, yellow, and green colors.
Patient's room with blue, yellow, and green shapes and a hospital bed.

If you’re looking for fine art for your healthcare facility walls, Creativescape Studio can provide a customized library of images for you to choose from.

Floor plan with superimposed wall graphics of children playing guitar and listening to headphones