Corporate Art

Corporate art encompasses artwork specifically chosen or created for display in corporate or business settings. It’s chosen to enhance the workspace, reflect the company’s values or brand, and create a positive, productive environment for employees and visitors. This art can include various media, styles, and themes, and is often found in office lobbies, conference rooms, and other communal areas.

When companies move into new spaces, they often overlook the importance of selecting art for their office ambiance. However, the right artwork can significantly impact the feel and functionality of a workspace, influencing productivity and morale positively.

Artwork plays a crucial role in enhancing the energy of a space, and Cass can help ensure it’s a positive influence. By collaborating with interior designers and reviewing floor plans, she can identify areas that would benefit from artwork, whether it’s a triptych set, large wall graphic, or art panels. Cass can assist in selecting images, considering printing materials, frame colors, border options, and more, streamlining the art selection process for your design team. She can provide the necessary documents to simplify and expedite the artwork selection, allowing you to focus on other project aspects.

Creativescape Studio will present a customized library of images for your choosing.

Graphic design services created images of a large sunflower wall graphic and canvas artwork of a raccoon.
Three framed canvas art hanging in a healthcare hallwayy.

Cass will provide collections like the examples below when providing styles and options for your project.

Group of floral images for corporate office rooms.
Group of sunsets images for corporate offices.
Group of nature-inspired images for corporate office rooms.

Selecting artwork can be a project in itself. Cass will go through the floor plan and mark off locations of the proposed art to help with the visualization and organization process.

Floor plan with locations for corporate wall art and imagery.