3D Interpretive Design

3D Interpretive Design encompasses history timelines, donor recognition, feature, and tribute walls. They include 3D elements that add depth and interest to the design. They can even be interactive.

Graphic design services created an Avow history timeline wall in Naples, FL.
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Healthcare Design

Art can really HEAL. Research has shown that patients exposed to nature or images of nature had reduced stress, required less pain medication, and healed significantly faster than those in a stark clinical room setting.

Graphic design services showcased on a halthcare children's floor of red and orange shapes.
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Office Design

Often, companies overlook what makes the office come together when acquiring a new building or moving into an existing space. There is a lot that goes into selecting the imagery that will work best within your company’s culture.

Graphic design services created images of a large sunflower wall graphic and canvas artwork of a raccoon.
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Wayfinding & Signage

If you are an architectural firm and need custom signage or wall graphics, you’ve come to the right place. Cass can provide concepts to accent your existing design and bring the whole vision together.

Hiking trail outdoor signage over looking a New Mexico landscape.
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Hospitally Design

In today’s world, society seeks the “experience” when deciding whether to repeat a visit or service. The top sectors are “Food and Beverage,” “Accommodation,” “Travel and Tourism,” and Entertainment and Recreation.”

A hotel room with collage artwork of southwest-inspired landscapes.
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Logo Design

This is one of the essential parts of your business. Your logo represents your company which others will recognize for years to come. Let us help you create your unique look that represents who you are.

Group of logos designed by Creativescape Studio - J&J Glass, Perinatal Care, Dad & Daughter Window Tinting, Posh Paws, McClure & Carroll, and Hawk Tactics.
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