Delray Medical Center

75′ History Timeline Wall

Delray Medical Center had a long wall that connected a new section of their building. A long walk along a stark white wall for patients and associates alike, Delray wanted to educate and inspire the viewers that walked this hallway daily.

The panels and art span 75 feet, displaying historical photos from when the hospital first opened to the present day. Using Delray’s Medical Center’s brand colors, the design bridged the gap between old black and white photos by giving them sepia-inspired, blue/teal tones into the modern-day color photos.

The designs were then put on acrylic stand-offs with brushed aluminum caps. With beveled green edges, the acrylic panels mimicked beautiful glass, accentuating the graphics to the fullest vibrancy.

Delray Medical Health Center History Timeline wall demonstrating 3D Interpretive Design.

An elevation drawing is done to scale to ensure that the design will fit perfectly along the specified space.

Concept elevation drawing for Delray Medical Center historical timeline wall
Delray Medical Center history timeline title of the center and the text "Historical Highlights."
Delray Medical Center history timeline wall close up of the 1980 section. Panels on the wall showcase the hospital's history.
Delray Medical Center History wall closeup of the 1985 section.
Full angle view of the 75' history timeline wall at Delray Medical Center. Wall show's signage panels with decade letter sets.
Interpretive Signage with historical events from Delray Medical Center as wall art.
Interpertive Signage with historical events from Delray Medical Center.