Betty Mae Jumper Medical Clinic

Betty Mae Tiger Jumper was the first and only female Seminole Chief in Florida. Pursuing her education, she learned to read and write English which led her to become a nurse, co-found the Seminole Tribe’s first newspaper, and publish a memoir.

In honor of her great achievements, the Hollywood, FL, reservation built and opened a clinic encompassing nearly 40,000 square feet. The clinic will serve members of the reservation with a wide array of health services.

When this clinic was coming to fruition, the culture and heritage needed to be preserved to reflect its community members. Old photographs of Betty Mae had to be carefully recolored to bring vibrancy and life to the large personality that Betty Mae had. Throughout the clinic, there are images with Betty’s quotes and the values she stood for to inspire all who enter the facility.

Along with these inspirational images are images of the beautiful Florida landscape and other historical photos. Long hallways are filled with natural art and custom wall wrap designs, to bring peace and serenity to all that work and visit the center.

Betty Mae Feature wall graphic with the quote "I had three goals in my life. To finish school, to take nurse's training and come back and work among my people, and to write three books."
Betty Mae Jumper historical photos collaged together.

Below are two pictures of the grand entryway when you first enter the clinic. The clinic needed a “WOW” factor. To accomplish this, old black and white photos of her were edited, color-infused, and collaged with a beautiful South Florida landscape to make the Legend of Betty Mae Jumper become the “larger than life” essence that she was. This custom design of her essence pays homage to all she contributed to her community during her lifetime and the generations that will continue to come after.

Entry way concept render for the Betty Mae Health Clinic.


Betty Mae Clinic entry way render with proposed graphic collage.


A conference room needs to have life yet not be so overpowering that it distracts from the conversations and work taking place inside the space. Wall graphics in muted tones and historical photos ensure that the space reflects the culture and does not distract but blend beautifully in the natural setting.

Conference room with a wall wrap of historical Seminole Tribe photos.
Conference room wall wrap with historical Seminole Tribe photos.

Occasionally, large walls yearn for more than single framed artwork. Creating focal points in strategic places can enhance a space effortlessly.

Collaged wall mural image of a Seminole and Florida landscape around elevator doors in a health clinic
Evergades chickee hut wall graphic in a health clinic
Everglades landscape wall wrap in a health clinic setting.
Waiting room with a Florida everglades vinyl wall wrap graphic.

Artwork should be intentional and can affect the mood of a space. In healthcare, nature and animals are some of the most popular collections to fill up a building and boost morale.

Framed bird wildlife art hanging on the wall in a clinic
Interior of a building with nature artwork hanging int he hallway.