Frequently Asked Design Questions

Here are some frequently asked design questions to help you understand how Cass works. Being a freelancer and independent contractor allows her flexibility and one-on-one attention that clients place a high value on. Browse around to learn a little more about how this all works.


Will you travel for a project?

Yes, Cass will travel for a project in or outside of the U.S. Travel costs and expenses may be negotiated outside the scope of the project or included in the scope of the project depending on the terms the client and Cass agree on.

Do all projects require a contract?

Yes, however, the client contracting Cass can hire her per project, or she can be contracted as a vendor of your company and bill you for hours spent on any given work she does if there are multiple projects services are needed for. The independent contracting terms vary from company to company and by the nature of which the company requests her services.

Are you providing installation and implementation as part of your services?

Creativescape Studio aims to put its energy into the creation of graphics and images providing digital files, FAB drawings, or design concepts. However, If you would like Cass to manage the project, she can also arrange with your local vendors, take care of scheduling and material quotes, and even be on-site for installations to truly manage the process from start to finish for an additional fee.


What applications do you use to share large files with the client?

Cass utilizes Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, or whatever else is convenient for the client.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Suppose it becomes necessary to terminate an agreement before a project is complete; In that case, Creativescape Studio shall be entitled to retain or invoice any and all expenditures accrued on the project to date, including but not limited to contracted labor, expenses, project management costs, etc.  The Client will refund any unused deposit portion and a detailed invoice. Completed deliverables will be provided to the client in pdf format; however, incomplete documentation will not be provided.


How do you take payment for your services?

Cass accepts ACH, checks, or credit cards.

Don’t see specific frequently asked design questions? Send Cass an email for clarification!

Cass offers fine art services in addition to graphic design services.

See her Art website by clicking here.