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Designer Cass Wyant provides specialized graphic design services that exceed your expectations.

Designer Cass Wyant at Camp North End in Charlotte, North Carolina

Creativescape Studio owner and designer Cass Wyant has been doing extensive and various design work for over 13 years. She has been independently contracting since 2016. A jack-of-all-design-trades and master of them all is where Cass shines because of those experiences.

Cass began her journey into the environmental design world in 2017 when she worked for a project management and design firm out of Columbia, SC. While working alongside some of the best in the industry, she discovered a love for her two talents, art and graphic design. Creating environments and signage that aided and enhanced architects, contractors, and interior designers was her sweet spot. “My favorite projects are the history timeline, donor, recognition, or feature walls. It’s like taking an accent wall to a whole new level. Adding 3-D elements to give the space depth and texture is really just the icing on the cake for my creativity and imagination to run wild.”

“Seeing firsthand how a space can transform an experience for a viewer invigorated me.”

“I enjoy designing to meet clients’ needs and being part of something larger than myself.”

Cass enjoys being part of a team but sees the value in being able to be the artist/designer, project manager, and point of contact all in one person. I have worked for small companies throughout my life, often wearing many hats. “I am a hands-on kind of person and will step in a fill a gap where needed. Sometimes, you lose this autonomy when working for a large company, so I prefer to continue to contract independently. I strive to serve as an extension of an existing company’s team.”

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In addition to her love for graphic design, Cass also enjoys getting her hands in actual paint.

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