About Designer Cass Wyant

Designer Cass Wyant provides specialized graphic design services that exceed your expectations.

Creativescape Studio’s owner and designer, Cass Wyant, has amassed over 13 years of extensive design experience, excelling in a variety of design disciplines. Independently contracting since 2016, Cass’s versatility and mastery across design domains shine through her work.

Her foray into environmental design began in 2017 while working for a project management and design firm in Columbia, SC. Collaborating with industry experts, Cass discovered a passion for merging her talents in art and graphic design. Her niche lies in creating environments and signage that enrich and support architects, contractors, and interior designers. Cass particularly thrives in projects like history timelines, donor recognition walls, and feature walls, where she elevates an accent wall to a new level with 3D elements, adding depth and texture to spaces.

Witnessing firsthand how spaces can transform experiences fueled Cass’s passion. She finds fulfillment in meeting clients’ needs and being part of something greater than herself. While Cass enjoys teamwork, she values her ability to be the artist, designer, project manager, and point of contact, combining these roles seamlessly. Having worked for small companies most of her life, Cass cherishes the autonomy and versatility that come with independent contracting. She aims to serve as an extension of her clients’ teams, offering her hands-on approach to fill any gaps.

If you’re seeking a dedicated designer to bring your project to life, contact Cass Wyant today! In addition to graphic design, Cass also enjoys expressing her creativity through painting.

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