Welcome to Creativescape Studio, AKA Hybrid Artist and Designer Cass Wyant, offering graphic design image solutions for any application. Cass has been independently contracting since 2016 and is passionate about bringing 2D concepts into the 3D world. She is equally talented, whether she has a paintbrush in her hand or a mouse and a computer to bring her visions to life. If you want to bridge the gap of signage, graphics, or imagery within your project, you’ve come to the right place.

3D Interpretive Design

History timeline, donor recognition, or feature walls invite the viewer in for a grand experience. Boost morale or pay tribute to the milestones and accomplishments of extraordinary people and organizations. Recognizing philanthropists is a great way to raise funds.

Delray Medical Center Historical Highlights wall with paneled graphics on the wall.

Wayfinding & Signage

Directional family of signs, exhibit graphics, and way-finding to guide visitors to their destination or through a unique experience. Stand out with a custom and cohesive design that conveys information in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Norman Borlaug images on Wayfinding signage solution guiding visitors to their destination.

Corporate Art

Create inspiring spaces with custom art collections for your home or office. Nature, abstract, animals, and more! Wall coverings, framed canvas, and metal prints are our most popular materials. Let us manage the art and design for your project!

Graphic design services created images of a large sunflower wall graphic and canvas artwork of a raccoon.

Need a little inspiration or ideas about projects you might want or need? Click Here!


  • Meet and Discuss
  • Ideas and Concepts
  • Design and Create
  • Build and Install

You will meet with Cass to discuss your project needs. This can be done in person, over the phone, or through zoom. Location does not matter, as the implementation of the project will be done using your local vendors. Cass has experience in not only being the artist and designer but also the project manager and your one point of contact at all times. No getting passed off to a larger team with multiple hands involved, Cass desires to stay a concierge-style independent contractor to focus on creating rather than managing a team. This means she only takes on a certain amount of projects each year so that her attention to detail and your time are efficiently utilized to the fullest capacity. Remaining as a single entity freelance designer ensures smooth communication and faster completion of work. “I believe communication is the first tool for a successful relationship between the client and designer. I pride myself on listening to the client’s wants and needs, interjecting my expertise, and delivering a product that speaks to the client’s vision above all else.”

Cass will start the design process and develop a few design concepts for the project. These are more loosely created ideas that give Cass a general idea of what styles and ideas you like before focusing on the details of the content and the exact images that will be used in the final design. Then she will begin work from your feedback toward the final design.

Cass will then flesh out the narrowed-down concept to a more concrete design and fine-tune all the details. A final design will be presented to the client for approval or to make any necessary edits to the design/project. Once finalized, Cass will provide the specifications to your local vendor to generate material costs and lead times (if applicable).

Once the final design is approved for the build process, Cass will organize and coordinate with the manufacturers and installers to manage the project from start to implementation. She will physically be at the installation site to ensure nothing gets lost in translation between the client and vendor. Cass has benefited from starting her way up from the bottom of the industry at a sign shop to fully understand the process of not only design but manufacturing. “I want to create spaces that inspire and uplift people, spaces that bring the community together, and in this busy world, stop and make a viewer appreciate the vision that stands before them.”





Creativescape Studio has the unique ability to drive elite designs for any budget. Cass doesn’t skimp on quality or effort because she is passionate about what she does. Your satisfaction comes before anything else. Therefore, what matters most in design is the marriage of form, function, and aesthetics. Design is where science and art meet in harmony.



Above all, Cass is 100% positive you will be satisfied with the quality of her graphic design image solutions and services. She will work hard to ensure a smooth and painless process and assist you in any way she can. Often, choices and design decisions are overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. Rest assured, Cass will walk you through the process every step of the way.